Round Table Events Schedule

Following the announcement at the launch of the Environmental Stewardship Group, please find details of the dates for the initial round table events for each sector. These events are open to the first 80 organisations and individuals from within that specific sector to take part, if you are unsure as to which round table event you should attend please email us where we will be happy to advise and assist.

The 4 sectors and examples (not an exhaustive list) within these are:  

  • Government;  EA, DEFRA, MoJ, Cabinet Office, CoCC, .
  • Owner Operators;  Crematoria, Cemeteries, Burial Grounds and Membership Organisations.
  • Funeral Directors; Groups, Membership Organisations, Independents
  • Suppliers; Training bodies, Manufacturers, Monumental masons, Quarry owners, Contractors, Florists, Membership Organisations etc.

Dates identified below will be added to subject to demand and each meeting is expected to last no more than 2 hours.

Time Sector
16th March  10am  Owner Operators
18th March  10am  Funeral Directors
6th April
 10am  Government
8th April  10am  Suppliers
11th May  10am  Owner Operators
13th May  10am  Funeral Directors
8th June  10am  Government
10th June  10am  Suppliers
6th July  10am  Owner Operators
8th July   10am  Funeral Directors
3rd August  10am  Government
5th August  10am  Suppliers

To reserve your place, please email us.

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