We are committed to responsible stewardship of all environmental aspects of the bereavement sector

Our green agenda recognises the importance of creating a sustainable future for the whole industry - it’s mutually beneficial for all concerned

Making a difference

The UK Bereavement Sector is a £2.5 billion pound contributor to the UK economy.  It is a sector that is rarely publicised but now it is being brought into the spotlight in relation to the Climate Emergency and how it has a significant impact on the UK’s Environment.

The operation of the Bereavement Sector impacts on the air that we breathe, the water we drink, the quality of our soil and the biodiversity of our flora and fauna. Climate Emergency declarations highlight that time is fast running out for the sector to collaborate in playing our part in making the sustainable changes for good that are required.

The sector brings together owner operators of Crematoria and Cemeteries, funeral directors, a vast array of suppliers, as well as the Government Sector, therefore there is a significant but real challenge to achieve a meaningful engagement with all of these, and quickly.

Stepping up to the challenge the Environmental Stewardship Group has been formed to provide a focal point for collaboration across the sector and to lead it towards sustainability. The Group is tasked with identifying the bigger picture and providing the encouragement and promoting tools to lead the sector to meet the emission reduction targets by 2030 and ultimately the 2050 Net Zero deadline.

Recognising that to create a road map to achieving such a success, there is a need to establish where the sector currently sits, what does it know, is it really engaged with this, or does it not believe it is their problem - the journey begins.

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Joining together to lead the bereavement sector to sustainability

Our member organisations recognise and understand the nature of the challenge that encompasses public and private sectors equally. We recognise that there is a real need for everyone to look at their own day-to-day operations and see what steps they can make to improve the impact on the environment by how much and by when.

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