State of the Sector Report by the Environmental Stewardship Group

Launch of the State of the Sector Report

On behalf of the Environmental Stewardship Group, we are pleased to announce the publication of the long awaited the State of the Sector Report.

At the launch of the ESG on 1st March 2021, we confirmed our first task in leading the bereavement sector to sustainability and proactively responding to the Climate Emergency declarations, that we would spend time speaking to the sector to understand where it stood in relation to these challenges.

This State of the Sector report is the direct result of that activity, and reflects the range of concerns, challenges, hopes and aspirations for the future. Framed by Chatham House rules, those who attended our roundtables, gave personal opinions, were generous in their time, and especially their willingness to share thoughts to help produce this report.

The ESG have been humbled by the comments and requests made in their sharing of a future vision for the Group in achieving carbon net zero for the sector.

Special thanks go to those who have attended sessions, produced feedback, undertaken interviews and written articles for the website. These actions will help to inspire, to share best practices and to help prompt further considerations as we move forward as a sector towards sustainability.

Further articles will be posted in the coming days and weeks providing detailed feedback from each roundtable group as well as examples of best practice.

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