ESG - Owner Operator Round Table Event - 16th March 2021

Owner Operators Round Table event:

On Tuesday the 16th March the first in the series of published round tables with the sector took place.

In a well attended session, participants learnt about the ESG and what it is trying to achieve with and for the sector.

At a high level we considered just exactly what the Climate Emergency was and how it impacts on us and how pressing the timescales are for meeting the Governments targets, leading up to 2050 net zero carbon target has to be achieved.

In a series of smaller breakout rooms participants sought to answer four questions in relation to the Climate Emergency and the Environmental Impact of the bereavement industry:

1.    Where are you now as a business?

2.    What are your concerns?

3.    What will help you the most to address these issues?

4.    Who else needs to hear this message?

Participants have already booked for the next specific owner operator round table on the 11th May 2021, where we will review the last meeting, consider progress made, look at barriers and innovation.

If you are an owner or operator in the sector we have a number of places still available please send your request to be included to

A copy of the presentation can be downloaded from the link below:

download FILESBAck to news