The Federation of Burial and Cremation Authorities

The Federation of Burial and Cremation Authorities (FBCA) is the UK’s principal representative of burial and cremation authorities and provides a range of services to support its members across the country care for over 370,000 funerals a year.

The (FBCA) was originally named the Federation of Cremation Authorities in Great Britain and formed in 1924. Its original rules were redrafted as a Constitution and adopted at the 14th Annual Meeting in 1938.

The FBCA represents approximately 85% of all cremation authorities in the UK. Membership is open to all burial and cremation authorities and is the only organisation dedicated to representing and furthering the interests of burial and cremation authorities, remaining answerable only to its member authorities.

It was established to represent its members at the highest level and is regularly consulted by Government departments on regulatory issues and has considerable influence with these departments on matters relating to cremation and burial.

Membership of the Federation consists of three classes:

The FBCA has an Executive Committee, which consists of up to 18 members who are nominated for election by individual member authorities. The President and Deputy President are elected from the committee each year. Three meetings are held each year to discuss policy issues.

The FBCA also has a number of experienced Technical Officers who are able to advise on matters of construction, design and operation of crematoria, as well as on general issues.

In Scotland, the Scottish Sub-Committee was established to deal with matters specifically relating to the promotion of the cremation movement in Scotland and Scottish law.

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