The Cremation Society

The Cremation Society is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee, established in 1874 and recognised as the pioneer of cremation in Great Britain. Since its formation, the Society has been committed to promoting the practice of cremation, resulting in approximately 78% of funerals across the British Islands now being by cremation.

The Cremation Society gathers cremation statistics from across the world and is the principal repository of cremation data, publishing its data in ‘Pharos International’ – the official journal of The Cremation Society and the International Cremation Federation.  This data is used regularly by Government departments and other organisations involved in the development of crematoria and associated practices.

The Society was responsible for creating the original forms of certification for cremation and continues to work with Government departments and other organisations, in the development of best practice in cremation from ethical, environmental, legislative and practical perspectives.

Council members of the Society are elected on the basis of their expertise and experience across the cremation and related sectors. Current areas of expertise include senior management in the public and private sector, technical and environmental developments, cremation law, bereavement care, funeral practices and the architecture and design of crematoria.  This range of expertise enables the Society to be represented on many Government working groups and other sector forums covering ethical, environmental, legislative and practical aspects of cremation.

The Society’s other on-going activities include hosting educational events and conferences covering topical issues relevant to the crematorium sector;  the publication of the annual Directory of Crematoria, which provides essential information to the bereavement sector; and the continued investigation into alternative methods of dignified disposal of the dead which may prove superior to cremation.

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