The Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management

The Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management aims to promote the development, advancement and welfare of its members to facilitate the better provision, operation, administration and management of cemeteries, crematoria and bereavement-related services. It was originally founded in 1913 as the United Kingdom Association of Cemetery Superintendents.

The ICCM has both professional members, who are those employed in cemeteries, crematoria and ancillary services, and corporate members, who are the authorities and companies that provide burial and cremation facilities and services. It provides fully accredited education and training opportunities for cemetery and crematorium staff, including the bespoke Cemetery Operatives Training Scheme (COTS) and the Crematorium Technicians Training Scheme (CTTS). In 1996, the ICCM launched the Charter for the Bereaved, which sets a benchmark for service delivery and environmental protection in cemeteries and crematoria throughout the UK. It also provides guidance and best practice covering a range of subjects across bereavement services, especially relating to social and environmental initiatives. An annual Learning Convention and Exhibition, plus branch meetings and events, provide opportunities for members to meet, learn and share their knowledge.

The ICCM is governed by an elected Board of Directors. It has six full-time officers and a team of accredited consultants who provide training, guidance, management cover, undertake consultancies and develop best practice policies and member services.

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